Thing 3: Road trip of the County Antrim Coast

Staycationing can be fun. As nice as it would be to travel somewhere and explore a foreign country, which I always do, it’s just as nice, provided the weather holds up, to discover your own country. And even better, this was part of one of my “Things” to do! I’ve been to Northern Ireland a few times. My parents are from Sligo, so as kids we used to regularly travel to Fermanagh and Derry. I’ve only been to the east coast of Northern Ireland, namely Belfast, a handful of times, but it’s always been a dream of mine to go to the Giants Causeway and drive the Antrim Coast. So last week I did just that with a friend.

We set off from Limerick at 9:30 am and boy it was a very long long day in the car. Time was tight, so we didn’t get to stop much places along the way. The weather was atrocious the whole way up until we hit the coast. Like magic, the sun appeared and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Perfect.

Here’s a couple images of the drive up

Antrim Coast

Antrim Coast

We arrived at Giants Causeway at about 4pm. Quite late. Hence our rush to get there before closing time. The attraction recently opened a state of the art visitor centre, which was built to fit into the landscape and suitably looks like the Causeway itself. The centre itself is nice inside. But I would have one complaint to make. Entrance was £8.50, which is a little steep in my eyes. I have no problem paying an entrance fee to a natural attraction, but I felt we were paying more for the cost of the visitor centre (basically just a large restaurant, gift shop and a small exhibition), rather than for the upkeep of the attraction itself.

Giants Causeway Visitor Centre

The views around the Causeway are spectacular, especially with those lovely blue skies in the background!

Causeway Scenery

For those who aren’t familiar with the Giant’s Causeway, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland. The area consists of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, which were formed as a result of a massive ancient volcanic eruption. The columns are generally hexagonal, but there are also columns with four, five, seven or eight sides. The columns form stepping stone that lead from the foot of the cliff and disappear under the sea, like so:

Causeway Columns

So here are some images of the Causeway itself. I was expecting something a lot bigger, but most of the Causeway is under water. But in saying that, it was well worth spending 7 hours in the car to get to. The scenery en route was spectacular and the Causeway really is beautiful and a site everyone should try to visit in Ireland.

View of the Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway

So that’s three ‘Things’ done now – 98 to go. Phew….


The final list. Now, time to complete

Well here’s the list. As I mentioned here, there’s a couple of things I’d like to accomplish before I enter my thirties. All 101 things I have to complete in the next 548 days. It’s going to be a busy time!

  1. Complete sprint triathlon
  2. Cycle tour in Ireland
  3. Go to Wimbledon & French Open – complete all 4 grand slams! 🙂
  4. Donate blood
  5. Join a book club
  6. Read 40 books
  7. Watch 101 movies
  8. Make homemade ice-cream
  9. Try Bikram Yoga
  10. Make homemade gifts
  11. Change career
  12. Learn Spanish
  13. Perfect 5 desserts
  14. Go to Glastonbury
  15. Host themed fancy dress party
  16. Godfather marathon
  17. Quit smoking
  18. Buy a good camera
  19. Quit Facebook for a month
  20. Volunteer for a charity
  21. Brew my own beer
  22. Visit Amsterdam
  23. Create a blog
  24. Climb a high mountain (>1000m)
  25. Stay at a 5* hotel (on personal time!)
  26. Make my own jam
  27. Go vegetarian for a month
  28. Take a long haul holiday
  29. Go to Russia
  30. Visit Stockholm
  31. Go fishing
  32. Win big in Las Vegas!
  33. Dance till sunrise in Ibiza!
  34. Do a cookery course in Spain
  35. Make a time capsule
  36. Climb Carrauntoohil
  37. Answer the “50 Questions that will free your mind”
  38. Making something with my sewing machine
  39. Have a family portrait taken
  40. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
  41. Learn to roll sushi
  42. Grow my own vegetables
  43. See Radiohead in concert
  44. Hire Volkswagen camper
  45. Guinness Storehouse
  46. Adopt a dog
  47. Go white water rafting
  48. Cruise on the River Shannon
  49. Alton Towers
  50. Overcome one fear
  51. Create family photo album
  52. Swim with dolphins
  53. Go whale watching
  54. Surf again
  55. Take golf lessons
  56. Have Harry Potter movie marathon party
  57. Visit Tate Modern
  58. Learn a card trick
  59. Go to a musical
  60. Write a short story
  61. Learn national anthem
  62. Learn all countries of the world and their capitals
  63. Bowl 10 strikes in a row – not on the Wii!!! 😉
  64. Be able to hold a conversation in Irish
  65. Learn a martial art
  66. Day in a spa
  67. Go to Dublin Zoo
  68. Draw a picture
  69. Lord of the Rings trilogy
  70. Bake Sourdough from scratch
  71. Picnic at midnight
  72. Visit the Cotswolds
  73. Make macaroons
  74. Throw a ‘grown up’ 3 course dinner party
  75. Save at least 6 months living expenses
  76. Buy my own house – or at least be living on my own
  77. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
  78. Take a dress making course
  79. Skydive, again?
  80. Complete Grade 5 piano exam
  81. Learn Origami
  82. Go Wwoofing
  83. Dye my hair an outrageous colour
  84. Take my parents our to dinner and pay for it
  85. See Des Bishop live
  86. Be on the road to setting up my own business
  87. Go mountain biking
  88. Ride a Segway
  89. Learn to salsa
  90. Have plan in place to go long-term travelling again (Asia and South America for at least 6 months)
  91. Get a tattoo
  92. Make jewellery
  93. Send a message in a bottle
  94. Windsurfing
  95. Go rock climbing
  96. Learn a programming language
  97. Road trip of the Antrim Coast
  98. Learn to juggle
  99. Make pasta from scratch
  100. Reminisce on previous 29 birthdays
  101. Complete this list before I’m 30! 😉

Where to start?!  🙂