Foodie Penpal November Reveal!

Well it’s been quite a busy month! I’ve been on the trot the past three weekends and finally got to rest the weekend gone past. Catching up on with friends, indulging the child in me watching the Late Late Toy Show 😉 doing some baking, etc etc. Fun 🙂

So I was delighted this morning when my Foodie Penpal package arrived from the lovely Sarah at This Is No Yolk. Thank you so much for the package Sarah once again, really thoughtful and I loved everything!

Foodie Penpal package

Foodie Penpal package

As you can see, it was quite a generous package and had a really nice theme going on! The theme was Caribbean – so Sarah provided me with a recipe and all the ingredients for Jerk Chicken. I’ve often seen Jerk Chicken done on cookery shows but have never tasted it. I’ve been meaning to try it for quite a while now and I’m definitely going to try this one out at the weekend when I’ve more time.

So the package included:

Plantain chips – again, something I’ve wanted to try for a while, but we haven’t got a sizeable Caribbean population in Limerick, so it’s difficult, if not impossible to find. But these chips were chilli and lime flavour – delicious. Munching on them as I type! 🙂

Ginger paste – always handy to have on hand for recipes

Jerk seasoning




Cock flavour soup mix – this sounds interesting and I think I’ll do this for my lunch tomorrow!

Creamed coconut

Herbal tea bags

Thanks so much again Sarah for the package! 🙂 I’ll do a post on the jerk chicken this weekend!

If you’ve read this and you’d like to learn more about Foodie Penpals, rock on over to ThisIsRockSalt for more information! 🙂

Foodie Penpals

Foodie Penpals


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