Roast Chicken and Stock

Cooking for one, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned on occasion before, can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance. I often find I either cook too much or too little, it’s a rare occasion when I get it right. But I think maybe that’s more a case of my eye’s are bigger than my stomach more often than not.

I did my shop in Lidl this week. I got to say, I love Lidl. They do great deals and you actually really do notice a difference in price, a big difference in price. I got quite a lot, meat for the week, some vegetables and some baking ingredients with some change from €25! I always used to do a big shop in Tesco every fortnight, once a month, but I have to say in recent months, I’ve noticed things have become very expensive. I’d have very little in my trolley, but would have to hand out €60!

I decided to go with a whole chicken this week. Excellent value at €3.69 for a free range chicken (medium sized). I roasted the chicken on Tuesday evening, lathering the bird in a herby garlicy butter first off. Check it out. Yum!

Roast Chicken

The main reason I bought the chicken was to make my own batch of stock. I wanted to make a couple of soups and have some stock on standby in the freezer for risotto’s and such in the future.

So as I’m living in a rental house, we don’t have everything to hand. After messing around between saucepans for a while, trying to find one big enough to hold the carcass, vegetables and plenty of water. Then I found an old pasta saucepan that my mom pawned to me a couple of years ago. While not so good for cooking pasta, I find the pasta sticks to the basket, it was perfect for making stock. I placed the carcass and plenty of vegetables and herbs (red onions, carrots, garlic, meat juices, rosemary, oregano, thyme) into the basket and filled the saucepan with water.


I allowed the broth to simmer slowly for 2.5 hours. Then once ready, it was as easy as lifting the basket out of the saucepan and binning the remains. Then strain and restrain the stock until it is a smooth liquid.

I poured some of the stock into freezer bags, to be used again.

Strain the liquid

Then made a soup with the remainder of the stock.

The finished stock

A Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup, which was sooo good! I don’t have the images of the soup on me right now, but I’ll share those in the next post!


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