Thing 5: 365 Day Photo Challenge, Week 1

I used to be great for taking pictures. I was known as the one to always take a camera on a night out and snap away on day trips at home. But over the past couple years, sadly, I haven’t been using my camera as much as I should. Recently I started on a project of scanning all our old family photos and negatives into digital format (a timely, but worthwhile project!) and it got me to thinking that I really should be using my camera and capturing memories more often.

I decided to complete a 365 Day Photo Challenge as part of my 101 Things to Do. I started it last week over my holidays, so here is the product of the first week of this challenge.

While on the trip up Northern Ireland, we stopped off in Belfast for a night. I visited Shankhill Road on my last trip, this time we visited Falls Road. If you don’t know the history of Northern Ireland: the Falls Road is a main road running through West Belfast and its name is synonymous with the Republican communities in the city. The neighbouring Shankhill Road is a predominently Loyalist area of Belfast. During the Troubles both areas endured sectarian violence and were famous for their murals depicting the fight and struggle of each area.

Falls Road, Belfast

It’s nice to chill out with a cocktail Happy Hour every so often….it’s a hard life! 😉

Cocktail Hour

Our poor miniature dachshund Bobbie was a little ill last week. He’s 19 and is very frail at the moment. He’s back to his normal self now, so hopefully we’ll have him for a little while longer.


Limerick city, and a view of King John’s Castle.


The first signs of Autumn….


Planning a surprise 60h birthday for my dad in a few weeks…



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