A Take on Eton Mess

Howdy! I’m tres-excited today. I finished work and am now on annual leave for the next 12 days! No alarm for 12 days – beyond excited!! Planning to do a lot of cooking, baking, sleeping, sight-seeing, catching up with friends, sleeping…you get the picture! 🙂 And the highlight of my staycation will be ROBBIE WILLIAMS on Friday night!!

So as I was in a very good mood this evening after work, I decided a little treat was in order. An Eton Mess of sorts!

I used this recipe for the Meringues, but this time they were pink! Now Rachel Allen recommended piping the meringue mixture, then dipping a skewer into food colouring and swirling this in the meringues. I didn’t like this, I found it to be quite messy. I think next time I’ll swirl it into the meringue mixture before piping and see how that works out.

Pink Meringues

Piped Meringues

Chop some fresh berries and set aside.

Fresh Berries

Begin layering the dish. I started with a dollop of cream in the bottom of the glass. Then add a generous glug of Passion Fruit curd – recipe here. Add some broken up meringue. Top with some fresh fruit. Add another layer of meringue and then top with another layer of cream. Absolutely delicious!!

Eton Mess

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