Market Adventures

I was up and awake slightly earlier than usual this morning, Saturday. I’ve been meaning to go to the Limerick Milk Market for a couple weeks now, but by the time I usually get up and ready on a Saturday morning it’s too late and all the good stuff is gone. There really is nothing more satisfying than buying locally produced, fresh organic produce knowing that you’re helping the local economy. And it;s even more satisfying, bringing those produce home and cooking up a storm! So off to the Milk Market I went.

Limerick Milk Market is an outdoors market, with markets taking place throughout the week and right through the weekend. The markets underwent a redevelopment in 2010 and now have a canopy roof, so that they are an all-weather market. I have to say, it’s one of my favourite markets. There’s a great variety of stalls and local artisan producers.

Limerick Milk Market Canopy Roof

The Limerick Chocolate Shop

I was on a mission to stock up on some cheeses today. I love cheese and there’s such a varied selection on offer at the markets, that sometimes it’s hard to choose. The Flying Cheese Brigade is always the place I choose to go for my cheese.

The Flying Cheese Brigade

The Real Olive Company is one of my favourite stalls. I’m almost mesmerised each time at their offering and quite often find it difficult to make a decision on what to get! There’s rows and rows of barrels filled with olive varieties, sun dried tomatoes, tapenade, hummus and lots more.

The Real Olive Company

The Wild Side Food Artisan offer an array of artisan seafoods, game pates and cured meats – a must for any meat lover. I stocked up on some smoked salami, spicy chorizo and pate. Absolutely delicious!

The Wild Side Food Artisan

They had a range of Kelp on offer today. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Kelp is a seaweed. That may gross some people out to think of eating that slimy stuff from the sea, but it’s tasty and there are many benefits to eating it. Kelp is rich in all the minerals found in human blood and is pretty nourishing.

Kelp at the Wild Side Food Artisan stall

Green Saffron is a family run business based out of Cork. They operate a pretty cool business. They specialise in spices. Freshly grown and ground spices. For those who don’t cook curries on a regular basis and wouldn’t have a stock of spices to hand at home, Green Saffron are definitely worth a visit. They make up mixtures for you on the spot for lots of curries, from Madras and Garam Masala to Red Curry or even Lentil Dahl. A recipe is included, so you can make up your curry from scratch using some of the finest spices on offer!

Green Saffron

I really enjoyed my trip to the market this morning. I really have to try do it more often. Limerick was buzzing today. Unfortunately the city had a bit of a bad rep, undeserved and unfairly so in my opinion, but that’s for another day’s discussion. It always amazes me that the city’s reputation is famous overseas, but visitors to the city are always pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoy their trip tot the city.

Today, the sun was shining, street entertainers were out in force, Limerick Pride Festival was kicking off….buzzing! I have to say, I love Limerick!

King John’s Castle, Limerick

Home from the market and I couldn’t wait to dig into my ingredients, so I whipped up an Antipasto Salad, which I have to say was yum!


  • Rocket leaves
  • Artichoke hearts
  • Smoked salami
  • Feta cheese
  • Olives
  • Semi sun-dried tomatoes

Serve with an Italian dressing, which is as simple as: 1 part lemon, 3 parts olive oil, capers, salt and pepper.

Antipasto Salad


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